World Cup Pesaro 2014

I’m just back after an Amazing experience: the World Cup Pesaro 2014. Arrived in Pesaro thursday I enjoyed the trainings of russian girls and ukranians.

The competition started with juniors qualifications: I enjoyed many performance, Bravikova, Trubach, Marinova and their teammates but in addition to the Young talents of the dominant schools I enjoyed particularly Ana Luiza Filiorianu (ROU), Laura Zeng (USA) and also the girls from my country, Italy.

For the senior competition there weren’t surprises, Yana Kudrayvtseva dominated all the event finals and the all around, Margarita Mamun gained 3 silver medals (all around, hoop and ball). Anna Rizatdinova 3rd at the all around also was very expressive.


I was surprised by Titova, even If she looked not her the best shape (also because she has been competing at all the last events of world cup and grand prix), I noticed a big improvement not only in her technique but also regarding her confidence on the carpet. Even though she has to increase her expression. Also I loved the big improvement in Marina Durunda for expression and risks, and Neta Rivkin in expression.

Group  competition was very interesting despite the absence of Russia and Spain. Belarus showed their new routines and Group. Marina Goncharova and Aliaksandra Narkevich left after Kiev and the new girls are very Young but already talented. I liked the choice to include in the new Group Kseniya Cheldiskina and Mariya Kadobina, that are already very well in the team. Italy won all the 3 gold medals, showing their new routines that I really liked. I think this new style fits them very well. Bronze medalist of the all around Bulgaria did very well during all around but was unlucky in finals. Israel was another nice surprise with Japan and Azerbaijan, their routines are very enjoyable.

All the photos to come soon! Keep an eye on my page, and on the photo page in my blog. Byee:)