World Championship Kiev 2013


Dear friends, I’m sorry for being absent for so long. I’ve spent almost all the summer away from home and had few chances to follow rhythmic gymnastics. Anyways I was able to fly to Kiev and enjoy the World Championship!

The competition was very interesting both for individuals and groups because the results were unpredictable due to the retirement of so many gymnasts after the Olympics. The competition started and the first two titles were gained by two different gymnasts: Anna Rizatdinova with hoop and Margarita Mamun with ball. Then another gold for Rita and two golds for Yana, but all the competitors looked very nervous and tired. Friday after an impressive clubs routine¬†Yana Kudryavtseva got the world title at the age of 15! Anna Rizatdinova was silver after a stunning hoop routine and Melitina Staniouta was bronze. But despite the results of the All Around I feel that Staniouta was the real champion, she did every routine with perfect technique and great expression specially her hoop and she wasn’t able to get more than 18.200!

Few more impressions:
Senyue Deng (CHN) 4th in the all around improved a lot since London and had a very clean technique and execution. Varvara Filiou (GRE) was super and got also the 4th place with ribbon and the 8th in the all around. Salome Phajava (GEO) was a nice surprise for me she had a great personality on the carpet and I loved her rhythmic steps.


The group competition was even more surprising, Russia competed in the first group and made many mistakes in the 10 clubs routine. It was a great chance for the other countries but Spain and Bulgaria got less than them. But in the second group there was the overcoming of Italy and then of Belarus! After 15 years Belarus conquered again the all around title!

The following day during the event finals Spain surprised the audience with a deserved gold with 10 clubs and Russia finally got their first gold medal with a very difficult routine with 2 ribbons and 3 balls.

Few more impressions:
China’s group is so beautiful to watch, their routines are difficult and with many nice tricks.
I felt very sorry for Ukraine who had that big drop out of carpet and got a very low score, but their 10 clubs routine was very funny and playful.


Beside results it was really amazing to be there! So many former gymnasts were here: Anna Bessonova, Tamara Yerofeeva, Yulia Barsukova, Alina Kabaeva, Alexandra Timoshenko and many others. And thanks to my coach Natalia I met many nice persons from Ukraine and from other countries too. So thank you all for “living” this World Championship with me, see you at the next competition.

All the pictures and autographs (more than 30 new ones!) will be published in my site and I’m my facebook page. Enjoy!