Wednesday Zoom: The new records of Budapest European Championships

Linoy Ashram after her hoop routine. Find more

Did you know that Dina and Arina Averina aren’t the first twins to win an European title? And did you know that for the second time in Rhythmic Gymnastic’s history Ukraine didn’t win any medal?¬†

1st silver medal for Italian junior group during an European Championship. The Italian talents trained by the Olympian Julieta Cantaluppi, qualified in the fourth place and achieved the silver medal during Sunday finals, behind Russia.

3 bronze medals for Israeli gymnasts in individual competition and junior group (Linoy Ashram with hoop and clubs and junior group in Sunday finals) this a new record for senior individuals, Neta Rivkin won a silver medal in 2011. They  failed to win the bronze also in the team competition but were finally overcome by Bulgaria.

After hosting 3 World Championships and 1 European Championships, Budapest hosted another important event of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Their organisation is considered one of the best, Irina Viner said in an interview she was really impressed.

After 12 years Ukraine fails for the second time in Rhythmic’s history to take a medal during an European Championship. Despite the senior group seems to be very challenging, individuals are suffering from Anna Rizatdinova retirement.

Averina twins aren’t the first rhythmic gymnasts to become European Champions. In 2003 at Riesa Europeans Galina and Vladislava Tancheva won the gold medal during the event final in the 2 balls and 3 hoops routine in Bulgarian group. Before them two legends of Rhythmic Gymnastics were European Champions in Helsinki 1988, Bulgarian twins Adriana and Kamelia Dunavska.