Wednesday Zoom: Yulia Bravikova

Before entering in senior Russian team, Yulia Bravikova had to overcome many obstacles. Two surgeries and a serious injury that prevented her from competing to the Youth Olympic Games in 2014. Nevertheless Yulia  found her way back to the carpet and since January ’17, she’s competing under the guide of her new mentor, the former world champion Daria Kondakova.

Yulia Bravikova started to compete on the international carpet at her first year as junior in 2012, alongside Yana Kudryavsteva, Aleksandra Soldatova (one of her first competition was world cup Pesaro 2012). During her years as junior Yulia as been sent to many competition and acquired the experience to represent Russia at Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

Unfortunately in 2014, after her success during the Baku European Championships, Yulia got a serious injury and she had to stop just a few weeks before the Youth Olympic Games. She managed to come back after an operation on her knee, during 2015  at her first year as senior. But in November the pain was there again, this time to the other knee, and there was a new operation which required a long recovery.

She came back for Russian championship in 2016, but after a short time of training she decided to retire. That same year she started to help Daria Kondakova training the younger girls. After a few months she started to softly train with her pupils. Gradually she added jumps and elements, so Daria convinced her to come back to compete. Under the guide of her new coach, Yulia has gained confidence and is now successfully competing under the national flag as one of the top gymnasts of Russian team.