Wednesday Zoom: the 33rd European Championships

The 33rd European Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics, will be held in Budapest from Friday 19th to Sunday 21th May. Let’s see how to follow the competition.

The competition will be entirely live streamed on, sign up to watch it in full HD. Here you can find the schedule and starting order of the competition.

How changed the rules since the previous Olympic cycle, thanks to this article on find more details about the new rules regarding the team competition:

“The team competition will change from only senior gymnasts to a combination of the junior group and the senior individuals.

On day 1 the seniors (2 to 3 per team for 8 exercises) perform 4 exercises with two apparatus, while the junior group show their first performance. This combined result will determine the starting order on day 2, where the seniors competed with the other 2 apparatus (4 exercises) again and the juniors show their second group exercise.

The results after day 2 of qualifications will determine the team ranking and will also determine the finalists […] Furthermore, the top 24 gymnasts in the senior all-around qualify for the next year’s European Championships.”

Who will be the next champions of the new Olympic cycle? Don’t miss the streaming to discover them!