Wednesday Zoom: Alina’s Festival 2017

The Alina’s Festival was back on the stage few days before Budapest. Among all the young talents the European Champions Arina and Dina Averina and Aleksandra Soldatova together with the Russian National group and Yulia Bravikova.

Russian Tales was the theme of this year Gala Show. Soldatova and Bravikova exhibited with ball and hoop on “Russian Dance” from “The Swan Lake”. The gala outfit was inspired by¬†Ulyana Lopatkina’s dress and crown she used for the Russian dance.

Dina and Arina Averina were protagonists of the “Firebird” choreography together with many young talents. The Averinas amazed the audience with a similar choreography to the one they used back in 2015 for their Gala.

Last but not least, the Russian National group, the Olympic Champions Anastasia Blyznyuk and Maria Tolkacheva, together with Sofia Skomorokh, Maria Kravtsova and Evgenia Levanova.

The group exhibited on their routine with 2 ropes and 3 balls on “Islamej” by Russian composer Milij Balakirev.