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2012 Serie A1-A2 Desio

Serie A1-A2 Desio 01 December 2012

Martina Brambilla Exhibition freehands
Italy Exhibition 6 hoops

Serie A2

Ginnastica Pavese
Francesca Ferrari freehands
Arianna Facchinetti rope
Francesca De Nardi hoop
Ilaria Cammarata ball
Beatrice Bisi clubs
Alice Crippa ribbon

Ritmica 2000
Camilla Medici freehands
Marina Angius rope
Silviya Miteva hoop
Veronica Puggioni ball
Sara Sarritzu clubs
Silviya Miteva ribbon

Fabriano Cerreto D’Esi
Angelica Accatino freehands
Valeria Carnali rope
Vladinova Stanimirova hoop
Cecilia Meriggiola ball
Valeria Carnali clubs
Katiuscia Pedica ribbon

F. Petrarca 1877 Arezzo
Martina Germani freehands
Martina Rossi rope
Julia Uson Carvajal hoop
Maria Vilucchi ball
Maria Vilucchi clubs
Aurora Peluzzi ribbon

Etruria Prato
Giulia Culivicchi freehands
Chiara Conforti rope
Ginevra Fiore Parrini hoop
Chiara Conforti ball
Ginevra Fiore Parrini clubs
Varvara Filiou ribbon

Ritmica Nervianese
Nicole Piredda freehands
Arianna Armida rope
Sarah Corvo hoop
Martina Matteucci ball
Liubov Charkashyna clubs
Martina Matteucci ribbon

Ardor Padova
Beatrice Calzà freehands
Diandra Calzavara rope
Emilia Zabeo hoop
Beatrice Tornatore ball
Emilia Zabeo clubs
Giulia Dorigo ribbon

Polimnia Ritmica Romana
Claudia Arrigo freehands
Elisa Todini rope
Martina Centofanti hoop
Elisa Todini ball
Martina Centofanti clubs
Sara Staykova ribbon

Sophia Nocentini freehands
Arianna Leoni rope
Stefania Bigi hoop
Anna Rizatdinova ball
Stefania Bigi clubs
Arianna Leoni ribbon

La Fenice Spoleto
Agnese Duranti freehands
Eleonora Nobili rope
Alice Betti hoop
Andreea Stefanescu ball
Alexandra Piscupescu clubs
Andreea Stefanescu ribbon

Serie A1

Raffaello Motto Viareggio
Egizia Bergesio freehands
Francesca Cupisti rope
Viktoriya Mazur hoop
Gaia Del Chiaro ball
Letizia Berti clubs
Martina Schepis ribbon

Eurogymnica Torino
Annika Sereno freehands
Elisa Vigna Cit rope
Sarah Re hoop
Sara Celoria ball
Dora Vass ribbon

Aurora Fano
Allegra Camilloni freehands
Viola Thian rope
Ilaria Landini hoop
Camilla Bini ball
Ilaria Landini clubs
Camilla Bini ribbon

Arcobaleno Prato
Francesca Targetti freehands
Sofia Tonetto rope
Natalia Garcia Timofeeva hoop–TjZZZy0Jc
Benedetta Moroni ball
Letizia Sensi clubs
Benedetta Moroni ribbon

Brixia Brescia
Giulia Ardoli freehands
Nathalie Reale rope
Sofia Lodi hoop
Nathalie Reale ball
Vimal Zadra clubs
Sofia Lodi ribbon

Ritmica Piemonte
Letizia D’Arenzo freehands
Anastasia Mishenina rope
Michelle Serra hoop
Silvia De Carlo ball
Marta Borghero clubs
Aliya Garayeva ribbon

Ginnastica Fabriano
Letizia Cicconcelli freehands
Julieta Cantaluppi rope
Marika Buratti hoop
Valeria Rossi ball
Marika Buratti clubs
Julieta Cantaluppi ribbon

San Giorgio 79 Desio
Arianna Malavasi freehands
Veronica Bertolini rope
Daria Dmitrieva hoop
Giulia Pala ball
Daria Dmitrieva clubs
Veronica Bertolini ribbon

Virtus Gallarate
Chiara Serino freehands
Isabella Poles rope
Greta Merlo hoop
Alessia Marchetto ball
Alina Maksymenko clubs
Greta Merlo ribbon

Armonia D’Abruzzo Chieti
Valeria Pysmenna freehands
Federica Febbo rope
Chiara Di Battista hoop
Margarita Mamun ball
Carmen Crescenzi clubs
Federica Febbo ribbon

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