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2011 Serie A1-A2 Arezzo

Serie A1-A2 4th event Arezzo 03 December 2011

Warm Up and Training

part 1
part 2

Serie A2 

F. Petrarca 1877 Arezzo
Maria Vilucchi free hands
Francesca Inghirami rope
Nicole Mozzachiodi hoop
Martina Rossi ball
Laura Jung clubs
Laura Jung ribbon

Auxilium Genova
Sofia Dolcini free hands
Claudia Fioravanti rope
Giulia Gualco hoop
Michela Quattrone ball
Sarah Re clubs
Serena Finotti ribbon

Ginnastica Pavese
Ilaria Cammarata free hands
Silvia Vitali rope
Alice Plona hoop
Margherita Zucca ball
Lisa Plona clubs
Margherita Zucca ribbon

Ginnastica Rapallo
Valentina Saba free hands
Chiara Conforti rope–uk96jA
Federica Olcese hoop
Ludovica Pinna ball
Chiara Conforti clubs
Federica Olcese ribbon

Ardor Padova
Beatrice Tronatore freehands
Irene Pippo rope
Giulia Galtarossa hoop
Emilia Zabeo ball
Giulia Galtarossa clubs
Emilia Zabeo ribbon

Etruria Prato
Ginevra Parrini free hands
Jessica Innocenti rope
Lucrezia Vergelli hoop
Jessica Innocenti ball
Giulia Innocenti clubs
Lucrezia Vergelli ribbon

Raffaello Motto Viareggio
Gaia Del Chiaro free hands
Sara Del Prete rope
Francesca Cupisti hoop
Martina Albanese ball
Francesca Cupisti clubs
Martina Schepis ribbon

Ritmica 2000 Quartu S. Elena
Francesca Deriu free hands
Alice Salimbeni rope
Silvia Sarritzu hoop
Silvia Sarritzu ball
Sara Sarritzu clubs
Alice Salimbeni ribbon

Arcobaleno Prato
Francesca Targetti free hands
Benedetta Moroni rope
Sofia Tonetto hoop
Benedetta Moroni ball
Letizia Sensi clubs
Neviana Vladinova ribbon

Polimnia Ritmica Romana
Elisa Todini free hands
Denise Campagna rope
Martina Centofanti hoop
Federica Catalli ball
Silvia Pignalberi clubs
Martina Centofanti ribbon

Awarding Ceremony A2 Best Team of the day

Serie A1

Brixia Brescia
Martina Vailati free hands
Vimal Zadra rope
Nathalie Reale hoop
Sofia Lodi ball
Sofia Lodi clubs
Vimal Zadra ribbon

Comense 1872 Como
Karynal Koltyukova free hands
Carlotta Colombo rope
Linda Vecchiato hoop
Carlotta Colombo ball
Linda Vecchiato clubs
Lisa Vigoni ribbon

San Giorgio ’79 Desio
Giulia Cantoni free hands
Camilla Patriarca rope
Veronica Bertolini hoop
Giulia Pala ball
Giulia Di Luca clubs
Daria Dmitrieva ribbon

Ritmica Nervianese Nerviano
Giorgia Remartini free hands
Martina Matteucci rope
Sarah Corvo hoop
Martina Matteucci ball
Soraya Monza ribbon

Eurogymnica Torino
Noemi Reale free hands
Caroline Weber rope
Sonia Vinetti hoop
Lisa Vigna Cit ball
Daniela Bertolino clubs
Sara Celoria ribbon

Ritmica Piemonte Torino
Ilaria Merulla free hands
Anastasia Mishenna rope
Michelle Serra hoop
Silvia De Carlo ball
Marta Borghero clubs
Aliya Garaeva ribbon

Ginnastica Fabriano
Cecilia Meriggiola free hands
Julieta Cantaluppi rope
Marika Buratti hoop
Julieta Cantaluppi ball
Marika Buratti clubs
Joanna Mitrosz ribbon

Armonia D’Abruzzo
Valentina Savastio free hands
Chiara Ianni rope
Carmen Crescenzi hoop
Federica Febbo ball
Daria Kondakova clubs
Federica Febbo ribbon

Ginnastica Virtus Gallarate
Chiara Serino free hands
Alina Maksymenko rope
Alessia Marchetto hoop
Greta Merlo ball
Alessia Marchetto clubs
Greta Merlo ribbon

Aurora Fano
Ilaria Landini free hands
Valeria Schiavi rope
Viola Thian hoop
Camilla Bini ball
Valeria Schiavi clubs
Camilla Bini ribbon–A


Julieta Cantaluppi
Melitina Staniouta
Alina Maksymenko
Daria Kondakova

Awarding Ceremony A1 Best Team of the day

Awarding Ceremony A1 Italian champion 2011

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