Trofeo Città di Desio: Italia-Russia

Trofeo Città di Desio, Italia-Russia

Trofeo Città di Desio 2014 was the triumph of Gymnastics.
Great show the 1 May at Paladesio for the second edition of “Trofeo citta’ di Desio”, a friendly match between Italy and Russia.

The competition organized by San Giorgio desio ’79 society, together with the Lombardia’s local committee of FGI and Federginnastica had an huge success. Tickets’ sale almost reached the sold out and stands were filled with enthusiasm.

The memorable show will be certainly be remembered also because of Russia’s head coach and president of the rhythmic gymnastics federation, Irina Viner Usmanova’s words (some of them in perfect italian) who thanked Italy for hospitality and the audience for their great presence.

But the main show was given by the gymnasts who presented exhibitions of the top level, underlining the many qualities of Russia’s and Italy’s school of rhythmic gymnastics.

Russia won the competition but beyond the scores the real winner was rhythmic gymnastic.

Daniele Cifala’

Original article written in italian.
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