The New “Dancing” COP

A new cycle is just started from few weeks with a renewed COP which had already his lovers/haters. But even If the introduction of dance steps and music cuts with words, seemed to bring a negative change in our sport, from the first routines we can see that It brought many original elements and stressed the artistic parts of the choreographies.

After many years of risky routines the new code of points seems to open a new era leaded by more danced and interpretated routines. Sure not everybody are prepared for a COP like this and we already can find some missteps from the choreographers. But at least we have something which is completely different from what we were used too see.

Still many of the top gymnasts missing to the first events of the year, but we can already admire the new masterpieces of russian, belarusian and ukrainian stars. To follow some must see of the new COP:

Russia’s 2 ribbons 3 balls

Anna Rizatdinova’s hoop

Margarita Mamun’s ball

Alina Maksymenko’s clubs

Melitina Staniouta’s ribbon

Viktoria Mazur’s hoop

Marina Durunda’s ball

Yana Kudryvtseva’s clubs

Arina Charopa’s ribbon

photos by Oleg Naumov.