Tashkent 2017: Dina Averina leader of the all around

At World Cup Tashkent 2017 Dina Averina is the winner of the all around ahead of her sister Arina, who had several mistakes with clubs and ribbon and wasn’t able to maintain the first position. Bronze medal to Bulgarian Katrin Taseva.

Dina Averina stay the most successful Russian gymnast for this year 2017, with another all around victory over her twin sister Arina. Despite a difficult start, several mistakes with ball, Dina was able to catch up thank two good executions with clubs and ribbon.

Third place was taken by Katrin Taseva who received an high score with clubs (17.850) that let her overcome teammate Boryana Kaleyn and Anastasiya Serdyukova (tie with 66.550). Kaho Minagawa lost her third place due to several mistakes with clubs and ribbon and ended 7th. Katsiaryna Halkina was unexpectedly only 6th, despite she didn’t committed obvious mistakes and managed to enter only in clubs and ribbon finals.

Find the full results here, and the videos of the competition in my channel.