Sofia World Championships D3: Averina D still on top and major troubles for the rest

Salome Pazhava at Sofia World Championships 2018, photo by Ulrich Fasbender

Wednesday, third day of Sofia World Championships,  the team are now composed only by two gymnasts doing clubs and ribbon. And well, the executions today weren’t world championships level.

What happened to Linoy Ashram and Katsiaryna Halkina?
Quite a yo-yo competition for them and unfortunately today wasn’t the good day. Linoy had a very bad routine with clubs and is already out from the finals. And Katya who’s actually fourth with ribbon will be most surely out as well.

Salome Pazhava may be out from the all around final. She desperately needs to hit the clubs routine tomorrow, which is her best apparatus. With a 18+ routine she’s in.

In the end always her: Dina Averina. The reigning world champion gave another demonstration of dominance today with clubs, and easily obtained the access to the all around final. Fate has been less gentle to her twin sister, Arina. Due to a drop with clubs she risks to be out from the all around final, if Aleksandra Soldatova scores an interstellar 19.625, which is quite unlikely with ribbon, but who knows?!

All-Around Standings by Gergely Marosi,

Read his post here.

1. Dina Averina RUS 60.800 – surely in final

2. Arina Averina RUS 60.000 – almost surely in final (depending on Soldatova)
3. Vlada Nikolchenko UKR 58.000 – surely in final
4. Katrin Taseva BUL 57.450 – surely in final
5. Neviana Vladinova BUL 56.450 – almost surely in final (depending on Kaleyn)
6. Milena Baldassarri ITA 55.850 – surely in final
7. Nicol Zelikman ISR 55.650 – surely in final
8. Laura Zeng USA 55.350 – surely in final
9. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese ITA 55.200 – surely in final
10. Linoy Ashram ISR 54.350 – surely in final
11. Kaho Minagawa JPN 53.900 – surely in final
12. Katsiaryna Halkina BLR 52.700 – surely in final
13. Ekaterina Vedeneeva SVN 52.300 – surely in final
14. Anastasiia Salos BLR 52.300 – surely in final
15. Eleni Kelaiditi GRE 51.800 – surely in final
16. Chisaki Oiwa JPN 51.500 – surely in final
17. Sabina Tashkenbaeva UZB 51.450 – surely in final

18. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 50.450
19. Zohra Aghamirova AZE 50.300
20. Evita Griskenas USA 50.000
21. Yanika Vartlaan UKR 49.825 (Meleshchuk will probably push her out)
22. Nicol Ruprecht AUT 49.750
23. Kim Chaewoon KOR 48.925
24. Alina Adilkhanova KAZ 48.875
25. Seo Goeun KOR 48.250
26. Rut Castillo Galindo MEX 48.250
27. Adilya Tlekenova KAZ 47.750
28. Natalia Koziol POL 47.525
29. Nurinisso Usmanova UZB 47.525
30. Polina Berezina ESP 47.500
31. Denisa Mailat ROU 47.400
32. Viktoria Bogdanova EST 46.950

33. Salome Pazhava GEO 46.800 – she actually has quite a good chance with a 18+ clubs score, which is definitely possible. If she botches the routine, she’s out.

Gymnasts with only 2 scores so far and trying to get to AA final: Aleksandra Soldatova RUS 40.375
Boryana Kaleyn BUL 36.750
Yeva Meleshchuk UKR 35.000