Sofia WCh Day 4: Soldatova and Averina D gold medalists of the day

One thing we have to say: of all the world championships I have seen, this is for sure the most exciting. And this day 4 particularly was full of surprises, starting from the qualifications!

Starting list for the AA final at the end of the post with the results.

How everything looked decided for Arina Averina after day 3 and her qualifications for the all around final…
Then Aleksandra Soldatova walks on the carpet with ribbon, she desperately needs 19.625 or more. The music begin, she’s wonderful as always, confident, this is probably her best execution ever with ribbon. Score is out, 19.900! Now  Arina needs to improve her clubs score with ribbon to be qualified, and this happens:

the score comes out: 13.800.

Aleksandra Soldatova is in for 0.275 points! And further more there will be only one Russian gymnast in the ribbon final.

Italian youngsters records the best competition ever for the Italian team. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese opened the way to medals, but on Thursday Milena Baldassarri conquered the silver with ribbon, and together with teammate Alessia Russo, the very first world medal in team competition. Brave ragazze!

Our fairy Katsiaryna Halkina confirms herself silver medalist with clubs behind Dina Averina, Arina is “only” third due to some mistakes during the routine.
Little note: the clubs final didn’t saved anyone, so many mistakes from all the finalists, except Halkina.

Recap, today’s big surprises:
Soldatova is an all around finalist,
Italy is team bronze medalist,
Halkina is silver medalist with clubs,
Baldassarri is silver medalist with ribbon,
Yanika Vartlaan is in the all around final (she replaced Diachenko as third gymnast and now kicked out Meleschuck from the AA),
Salome Pazhava eventually made it to the all around final and got the access to the clubs final.

and thank you for reminding me: after 17 years Bulgaria received a team medal again. In 2001 It was bronze thanks to Simona Peicheva and Elizabeth Paisieva. The last silver is from 1995 with Maria Petrova, Mila Marinova and Diana Popova. Source BeautyInSport.

1. Dina Averina 19.000
2. Katsiaryna Halkina 18.900
3. Arina Averina 18.850
4. Milena Baldassarri 18.300
5. Vlada Nikolchenko 18.100
6. Neviana Vladinova 17.650
7. Salome Pazhava 17.400
8. Katrin Taseva 17.200

1. Aleksandra Soldatova 18.600
2. Milena Baldassarri 18.550
3. Linoy Ashram 18.500
4. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese 17.450
5. Anastasia Salos 17.200
6. Boryana Kaleyn 17.100
7. Vlada Nikolchenko 16.050
8. Kaho Minagawa 10.600

Starting list for tomorrow All Around, Group A and Group B

(thank you Gergely)
1. Dina Averina RUS 60.800
2. Aleksandra Soldatova RUS 60.275
3. Vlada Nikolchenko UKR 58.000
4. Katrin Taseva BUL 57.450
5. Milena Baldassarri ITA 56.600
6. Neviana Vladinova BUL 56.450
7. Linoy Ashram ISR 55.900
8. Nicol Zelikman ISR 55.700
9. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese ITA 55.550
10. Laura Zeng USA 55.350
11. Katsiaryna Halkina BLR 54.650
12. Kaho Minagawa JPN 54.350
13. Anastasia Salos BLR 52.900
14. Eleni Kelaiditi GRE 52.800
15. Ekaterina Vedeneeva SLO 52.650
16. Salome Pazhava GEO 51.550
17. Chisaki Oiwa JPN 51.550
18. Sabina Tashkenbaeva UZB 51.450
19. Evita Griskenas USA 50.825
20. Zohra Aghamirova AZE 50.650
21. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 50.450
22. Alina Adilkhanova KAZ 50.300
23. Yanika Vartlaan UKR 49.825
24. Nicol Ruprecht AUT 49.750