Sofia, the AA Final: Dina Averina, keeps her crown

Queen Averina D. keeps her crown, Linoy upgrades to silver medal and Aleksandra Soldatova completes the podium with bronze.

Completes results and pictures at the end of the article.

1. Dina Averina – A confident start with hoop and two more impressive executions with ball and clubs to follow. Dina stays in the lead until the last rotation, when she has to perform with the only apparatus she hasn’t performed yet in Sofia: ribbon. But she seems to shine as well with ribbon, until… the ribbon is on the carpet, Dina herself seems to don’t believe what’s happening but she recovers fast and skips to the end of her routine. When It’s over, she shakes her head, how much will the drop cost to her? The final score is 19.000, just enough to be sure: she keeps the title, Linoy would need 22.400 to beat her. Congratulations Dina!

2. Linoy Ashram – Such a strong and confident competitor. At the end of the competition, she is the only non-Russian gymnast to overcome the 20 points. Her routines are a climax of difficulties and with her last routine, clubs, she receives 20.650, the score that let her jump ahead of Aleksandra Soldatova.

3. Aleksandra Soldatova – It’s difficult to write about Sasha, I guess deep inside I was hoping for a better result for her, and I think that If yesterday she had competed with more consistence in ribbon, probably today she won’t have been so nervous about Viner’s “threats”. Anyways despite a rough start with ribbon, she improved herself through all the competition and became bronze medalist at her first (and I hope not last) all around world final.

4. Vlada Nikolchenko – Remember her name, that’s what the FIG commentator said when Vlada finished her last routine. And that’s for sure a name we won’t forget. The youngest gymnast of the competition, surprised us with her strong performances. Despite a difficult start with ribbon, she ended fourth ahead of Halkina for a very few points.

5. Katsiaryna Halkina – About one thing we can be sure: no matter about the score, Katya is always one of the most elegant gymnast on the carpet. Even If she had some ups and downs through the competition, she ended in the top 5 and she brings home a valuable silver medal with clubs.

Special mentions I wish I shouldn’t have to make :

15. Neviana Vladinova, what happened to her? She qualified with the 6th score in the all around, so why is she in 15th position?
Nevi started with a very strong hoop routine, and was 2nd (!) after the first rotation. Then she started to slip on scores, ball was good but not enough 5th position, and after clubs and a disastrous 14.900, the ribbon didn’t cause more harm to her ranking. Too bad for Pesaro’s ball bronze medalist.

21. Salome Pazhava desperately needs to find her form, she struggled to be in the final, and had some mistakes in every routine of the all around. It’s really sad to think that just 3 years ago she was 4th in StuttgartSalome we believe in you, you still have so much to give!

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Results by Longines.

1 AVERINA Dina RUS 81.450
2 ASHRAM Linoy ISR 79.700
3 SOLDATOVA Aleksandra RUS 79.175
4 NIKOLCHENKO Vlada UKR 74.550
5 HALKINA Katsiaryna BLR 74.275
6 TASEVA Katrin BUL 73.950
7 BALDASSARRI Milena ITA 73.400
8 ZENG Laura USA 73.250
9 AGIURGIUCULESE Alexandra ITA 73.225
10 SALOS Anastasiia BLR 72.300
11 ZELIKMAN Nicol ISR 71.825
12 MINAGAWA Kaho JPN 70.950
13 VEDENEEVA Ekaterina SLO 70.300
14 KELAIDITI Eleni GRE 69.950
15 VLADINOVA Neviana BUL 69.350
16 TASHKENBAEVA Sabina UZB 67.800
17 GRISKENAS Evita USA 66.950
18 MOUSTAFAEVA Kseniya FRA 66.850
19 ADILKHANOVA Alina KAZ 66.175
20 RUPRECHT Nicol AUT 65.700
21 PAZHAVA Salome GEO 65.400
22 VARTLAAN Yanika UKR 63.700
23 OIWA Chisaki JPN 63.450
24 AGHAMIROVA Zohra AZE 63.400