Sofia 2018: Bulgaria and Italy break Russian hegemony in the last day

Bulgaria and Italy become world champions on the last day of Sofia World Championships 2018, respectively with 5 hoops and 3 balls + 2 ropes. Russia settles with a silver medal and Japan and Ukraine conquer their first world medals.

Bulgaria’s starvation from gold medals is over! Their 5 hoops routine is a fine work of art and grants them the highest score of the competition 23.300! Ahead of Japan and Italy.

Already bronze medalists with 5 hoops, Italian Tiger’s Eyes filled with joy and tears on their first gold medal of the weekend in the mixed routine!

Japan girls are back under the spotlight after their relatively low performance in the all around, and conquers a precious silver medal with their 5 hoops routine.

After the deception of the fourth place in the all around Ukraine finally managed to settle new rules and won the bronze medal with 3 balls and 2 ropes and their first medal of this world championships. This was a very awaited medal for Ukraine, who won the last group world medal in Kiev 2013.

Some disappointment on the Russian side, after the gold medal in the all around, the girls were “only” silver medalists in the mixed routine and ended fourth with 5 hoops.

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Special mention to the French group. They ended 8th in the all around competition yesterday, and performed a strong and confident routine with 5 hoops which gave them the 6th place in the final ranking, one of their best performance at the worlds in these last years.

What to say more?

Seriously this was probably one of the most interesting rhythmic gymnastics world championships! Apart from today (we all knew that the Russians wouldn’t have keep their impressive all around level, which is normal due to the enormous pressure on them) It was really full of surprises and enjoyable. At least for me! Thank you for your attention and don’t hesitate to share your opinions!

With love from Bulgaria,


P.S. Please, show always respect to all the gymnasts, we all know the tremendous sacrifices that are behind Rhythmic Gymnastics.



1 Bulgaria BULBUL 23.300
2 Japan JPNJPN 22.800
3 Italy ITAITA 22.550
4 Russian Federation RUSRUS 20.325
5 Azerbaijan AZEAZE 20.100
6 France FRAFRA 19.700
7 Ukraine UKRUKR 19.500
8 Belarus BLRBLR 18.600


1 Italy ITAITA 22.550
2 Russian Federation RUSRUS 22.200
3 Ukraine UKRUKR 21.400
4 Japan JPNJPN 21.350
5 Belarus BLRBLR 20.950
6 Bulgaria BULBUL 20.750
7 Azerbaijan AZEAZE 20.400
8 Spain ESPESP 19.800