Serie A1-A2 Arezzo: Armonia D’Abruzzo Italian Champion 2011

03 December 2011 at the palasport “Le Caselle” the best schools of Italy, with some of the top gymnasts (Daria Kondakova, Daria Dmitrieva, Alina Maksymenko, Aliya Garaeva and others). It was a great show the gymnasts were fighting for the italian tittle.

I took the full coverage both from A1 and A2 even If the only video I missed is Charkashyna’s amazing clubs routine which took the highest score of the day 28,400.¬†Soon I’ll publish the videos. Here some impressions: Dmitrieva ribbon was full of expression but not perfect (27,600); Garaeva with ribbon was very good too she was so charming and confident and she had very good jumps (27,650); Kondakova wasn’t too clean she lost balance three times but she didn’t big mistakes (28,300); Maksymenko had a mistake with rope but she was very expressive and beautiful (28,075).

The competition ended with four galas: Julieta Cantaluppi, Melitina Staniouta on Amelie’s music, Alina Maksymenko’s free hands and Daria Kondakova on russian music. They were very beautiful and I was so surprised and amazed by this galas.

After the awarding ceremonies I have another big surprise I took the two autographs of Alina Maksymenko and Liubov Charkashyna they were very nice with me and I was enchanted by their kindness. It’s incredible how two of the best gymnasts in the world are so modest and kind! Thank you girls; an athlete is a champion also for its character!

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