Road To London: Evgenia Kanaeva

Thanks to for this documentary about the russian star, Evgenia Kanaeva. And here my self made translation I hope there won’t be too much errors/horrors!

0.30 – 0.42 In this episode of Countdown to London, one of the best athlete of rhythmic gymnastics in history, hopes to match the achievement of the Olympic medal in 2008: the russian Evgenia Kanaeva.

1.11 – 1.40 At the Olympics the hopes of the biggest state, Russia, are often in the minute athletes of the prolific team of rhythmic gymnastics. In 2012 they can count on the greatest athlete of rhythmics in history, Evgenia Kanaeva. The Olympic champion in Beijing has won 17 gold medals at the World Championships and she became the first athlete of rhythmic gymnastics to get the final score of 30.000, 10.000 in difficulty, 10.000 in artistry and 10.000 for the execution of her routine with ribbon.

1.42 – 2.09 E.K. I came into the sport when I was 6 years old. My grandmother got me started. My mother also was a gymnast, so it was very natural that my grandmother decided to bring me into a gymnastics school. They got me into the school because I had poor posture and I was a little tubby and somewhat bow legged. So they brought me to fix up my figure, and I’m still working on it.

2.10 – 2.24 This sport provides an intense workout. Coaches constantly undergoes these young athletes to stretching exercises. Fortunately Evgenia, today aged 21, has a natural flexibility.

2.24 – 3.07 E.K. My mother didn’t take part in the decision to bring me into rhythmic gymnastics because she had been involved in this sport and she didn’t want it to be as difficult for me as it was for her. She probably had fewer attributes for a gymnast, by that I mean flexibility, limberness. She has less flexible joints, and so it was more difficult for her. My joints are softer, so it wasn’t as painful for me. Thus, when she saw that the training doesn’t seem to hurt me, and I’m not crying, she said, “I’m all for it”.

3.12 – 3.31 At the age of 12 she moved about 3000 miles away from home, to train herself with her very much appreciated coach Vera Shtelbaums at the school of the Olympic Reserves in Moscow, and after the injury of her teammate she had the chance to compete at the European Championship with ribbon. The gold in that competition has paved the way to the Olympics.

3.38 – 4.38 E.K. In the year before the Olympics I began to win, so I was sent to “defend the honor of Russia” at the Olympic Games. Of course, I constantly dreamed of this opportunity, and It’s impossible to describe how happy I was to get there, because I think It’s the biggest event in any athlete’s career. To participate in Olympic Games and to win gold that’s twice as exciting. The preparation went like this, I was just listening to my coach, paid a lot of attention to what I was doing and tried to do everything as I was told. Most important of all, an athlete needs to trust their coach and also have complete understanding between them and the coach. If you have these things, I believe that everything will be alright.

4.39 – 4.52 Rhythmic gymnastics requires many hours of training and it’s a sport for perfectionists. At the World Championship in 2011 Kanaeva and her coach Shtelbaums have imposed the highest standards.

4.53 – 5.15 V.S. She won all the gold they had, in all disciplines. So some of this routine she had performed very well, and some of it was just, in my opinion, I’m a coach so I can see something was not as good as we planned, but in general, she was better than everyone else and won six gold medals out of six.

5.16 – 5.22 But Kanaeva recognizes that success in this sport is not only due to her

5.24 – 6.00 E.K. First of all I’m lucky that my mother is a person who teaches me to enjoy life. She teaches me to derive great enjoyment from all I’m doing. I think that perhaps this helps me in sport as well. Also I’m lucky that my coach is the same, she teaches me above all to remain a human being. It doesn’t matter what my profession is, my results, whatever, that’s what my mother and my coach teach me. So, in this, I’m very lucky.

6.00 – 6.08 And Russia is very lucky to have Evgenia Kanaeva one of the favorites for the gold medal of the Olympic Games 2012.

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