Moscow Grand Prix 2016


1st day of competition of Moscow Grand Prix 2016 was particularly intense since it was the beginning of the season there were many mistakes from the top gymnasts. Many of them at their first international appearence. On the other hand there were many “outsiders” like the extraordinary Dina Averina who enchanted the audience with her fresh and risky routines, placing herself 2nd (just 1 point under the leader Soldatova). Another surprise was Ashram Linoy from Israel who finished way ahead her unlucky teammate Neta Rivkin.

The stage welcomed also Margarita Mamun, Yeon Jae Son, Salome Pazhava, Neviana Vladinova and Kaho Minagawa. The olympians at their very first international appearence. Find complete results of the 1st day here.

2nd day Soldatova confirmed her excellent performances by taking the gold medal during all around finals. Silver went to Yeon Jae Son, while bronze medal (surprise!), was claimed by Averina but not Dina who was less precise than the 1st day, but Arina. That imposed herself over Mamun protagonist of an unclean ribbon routine.
Find complete results of the All around here.


The junior competition was leaded by russian darlings Alina Ermolova, Polina Smatko and Daria Pridannikova. Find complete results here.

During 1st day Russian’s complete domination was spoilt during group All Around. In fact Bulgaria leaded on Israel and Russia with a beautifully choreographed routine. Israel exhibited with a very good execution on the “Phantom of the Opera”s notes. While russians changed once more their 5 ribbons music cut. Four executions of their routine 4 different cuts, and we are just in February! 2nd day was again dominated by Bulgaria while Russia confirmed their 2nd place followed by a charming Japan who took advantage of Israel’s mistakes during their 3+2. Find the complete results here.