Making of: the most beautiful leotard of 2012

After gaining 11th place at the World Championship in Montpellier, Greece conquered the olympic spot at London’s Test Event in January. The responsibility of painting Greece’s  dream was given to Vassiliki and her team of

GTQ: Tell us about the creating process: How did you get inspiration for Greece’s 5 balls leotard?

Vleotards: The Test Event in London was really important for the Greek Team. A few only weeks before the competition we decided – me and the coach of the team – that we needed a new leotard because Greece really wanted and deserved the spot in the Olympics Games in London. I watched the competition in internet and I was so glad that we got it!

The day after the Team came back in Greece, the coach called me and told me that they needed a new leotard because the team would have had a new routine with 5 balls. The music was made by two parts: one lyric and one swing. And the leotard should express both of them. We wanted for sure one part of the leotard to be white. For the other colour we tried a variation of material and we decided that it should be flu pink or foux. This is the design we decided to do:

GTQ: The leotard was on paper but how did you proceed in the choice of the tissues and in its material creation?

Vleotards: When we decided the design, we had to decide how we would have gave breath to it. That goes step by step: first we sewed the base of the leotards and the girls tried them on, so we saw how they fited. After that we preferred the black parts to be painted and not create them with lace, because we wanted the leotard to “flow”. At the last minute we changed the bottom part of the skirt, so in the black part it moves around!

GTQ: In the Olympics we saw many innovative leotards which were your favorite ones?

Vleotards: I think all the rhythmic gymnastics leotards were very beautiful, but I really loved Silviya Miteva’s leotard in ball. Amazing leotard.

GTQ: The next year COP will change and also the apparatuses will change from 5 balls to 10 clubs and from 2 hoops 3 ribbons to 3 balls 2 ribbons, we’ll see completely new routines. Do you have any ideas for the new leotard’s designs and colors?

Vleotards: It’s too early for that. But – she adds – I love working with the national team of Greece!

Thanks Vassiliki for your kindness and good luck for your work to you and to the girls of the national team! Photos by Tom Theobald many thanks!