Lisbon World Cup 2016


Lisbon was the stage of the second World Cup 2016.
Alexandra Soldatova leaded the all around competition, overcoming ukrainian Anna Rizatdinova and Neta Rivkin from Israel.

During the finals Alexandra conquered two more gold medals (hoop and ribbon) and 2 bronze (clubs and ribbon). Anna Rizatdinova was silver with hoop and gold with clubs and ribbon. Yeon Jae Son reddemed herself after a 4th place in the all around (due to an unclean execution with ribbon), and took 1 bronze medal with hoop and 2 silver with ball and clubs. Find all the results here.

Groups competition was completely dominated by Russia. They collected 3 gold medals. Bulgaria had a successful and stable competition taking 2 silver during sunday’s event finals and 1 bronze (all around). Great performances performed by Israel that permitted the group to get silver medal for the all around and the bronze during 5 ribbons final. Unlucky competition for Belarus and Italy. The italian girls at their first international competition made some mistakes and couldn’t obtain any medals, but showed their new olympic routines.