Hurricane Staniouta!

Melitina Stanoiuta (BLR)
Melitina Stanoiuta (BLR)

After a very difficult 2011 Melitina Staniouta fully recover from her injury and now is ready again to fight for the olympic medal!

One bronze, It was in 2010 at the Moscow World Championship at the All-Around competition, than the stop for her serious injury for 7 months from the carpet. The return at the WC in Portimao and a very big disappointment at the European Championship in Minsk where she got only a medal ( in team competition ), same at the World Championship in Montpellier. An hard 2011 for the 2nd gymnast of Belarus.

But finally the recover. 2012 started full of promises, 3 new routines ( hoop, ball and clubs ) and the 4th place in All-Around at Moscow Grand Prix.  And now with the olympic program  Staniouta is open the competition with her teammate Liubov Charkashyna ( 1 bronze with ball at the World Championship 2011 ) for the 1st place in the belarusian team. At Baltic Hoop competition she was 3rd at the All-Around with 110.800 ( 1st Evgenia Kanaeva 116.650, 2nd Aleksandra Merkulova 111.600 both from Russia ) while Charkashyna was 4th with 109.875 due to a big mistake with ribbon.
An interesting start of year for this great gymnast, but let’s see her routine’s closer:

Baltic Hoop Competition

Moscow Grand Prix

…and don’t miss the other routines from this competition, Evgenia Kanaeva was amazing!
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