First Grand Prix of the year: Moscow 2017

New COP, new gymnasts same place: Moscow!
The first Grand Prix of the year took place this weekend (17-19 February) and was the chance to see some of the best gymnasts from the international scene.

Although many expected to see Alexandra Soldatova’s triumph after Mamun and Kudryavtseva’s retirements, the spotlight was on another Russian gymnast: Dina Averina.
Dina conquered 4 gold medals out of 5 with very good executions and routines full of risks and maestries. Soldatova on the other side won the gold with the amazing ball on “The Swan” notes.
On┬áher twin’s steps, Arina Averina was bronze medal in the all around and silver medalist with ribbon.

Ekaterina Galkina was the most successful non Russian gymnast, with 4 elegant routines she was bronze with hoop, ball and ribbon.
Bulgarian Neviana Vladinova was 4th in the all around but was less fortunate during event finals and head some mistakes.
After Neta Rivkin the new Israeli star is Linoy Ashram. Bronze medalist with clubs she showed great confidence on the carpet and was one of the stars of the Grand Prix.

Special mention to Alexandra Agiurgiuculese from Italy that despite her young age showed great maturity and expression, a bright future for Italian rhythmic gymnastics.

Russia’s group lead the competition with 2 golds but had some problems with the 5 hoops routine during finals, leaving gold to Bulgaria. Bronze to Egypt.