Dina Averina crowned queen of Pesaro

Dina Averina
Dina Averina and Irina Viner after the last routine of the AA. Photo by Ulrich Fasbender

Pesaro 01 September, Dina is the indisputable queen of the Adriatic Arena during the all around final. Her twin sister Arina is silver medalist while Linoy Ashram grant the third world medal and first of the all around for Israel.

Dina broke the ice with her amazing swan hoop routine, then she pleased the Italian audience with her ball routine on “Volare”. Despite the drop with clubs, she maintained the lead with a very high score and confirmed winner of the all around with the ribbon routine. Arina looked less confident than her sister and took the silver.

The fight for the bronze was very interesting, in the first rotation Laura Zeng was third followed by Milena Baldassarri, then Linoy Ashram and Katsiaryna Halkina climbed positions and in the end they finished third and second.