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This section of my blog is dedicated to my pencil drawing (or better say messes!) and to my experiments as designer, always about Rhythmic Gymnastics. As program I use Gimp that is very simple and complete, and for some fast photo-corrections I use the  online photo editor picmonkey.


Headers (1000×288)

Christmas Banner many thanks to Yisyuan


Autographs (1420×888)

Olympic Games (1280×800 and 1920×1200)

Apparatus (1700×1099)

“Art” Attacks

Birthdays and Festivities


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    1. Thank you so much my friend! : ) That’s quite easy to do, I use gimp which is free and complete as program, If you want some tips I’m here! Btw do you mean Mazur from? She’s one of my favorites too and actually I think she’s the best speaking of “technical shapes”. P.S. If I’ll find the right pic I’ll do a wall for you about Viktoria;))

        1. Ahhhhh thanks!!:)) Btw “technical shape” is an invented term that mean the technical skills of the gymnasts especially during jumps and turns.

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