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A tribute: Italian Golden Butterflies


“We had a dream, we put our souls inside it. Passion. Devotion. Energy. Heart. They say the flap of a butterfly’s wing can lead to a hurricane half way around the world.”
With this phrase everything finished at PalaDesio few months ago during the Serie A event.  The chase to their rhythmic dream brought them (the italian team) to won 3 consecutive All Around world titles and one bronze at the olympic final the next year in London. Continue reading A tribute: Italian Golden Butterflies

The New “Dancing” COP

A new cycle is just started from few weeks with a renewed COP which had already his lovers/haters. But even If the introduction of dance steps and music cuts with words, seemed to bring a negative change in our sport, from the first routines we can see that It brought many original elements and stressed the artistic parts of the choreographies. Continue reading The New “Dancing” COP

Serie A 2012: The Perfect Epilogue

Great emotions for this last event of the Serie A championship in Desio. Here where everything started for Elisa Santoni, Elisa Blanchi, Romina Laurito and Angelica Savrayuk members of the beloved italian group, It was the epilogue of an extraordinary career.  Grazie Farfalle! Continue reading Serie A 2012: The Perfect Epilogue