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Wednesday Zoom: Yulia Bravikova

Before entering in senior Russian team, Yulia Bravikova had to overcome many obstacles. Two surgeries and a serious injury that prevented her from competing to the Youth Olympic Games in 2014. Nevertheless Yulia  found her way back to the carpet and since January ’17, she’s competing under the guide of her new mentor, the former world champion Daria Kondakova. Continue reading Wednesday Zoom: Yulia Bravikova

Margarita Mamun, the Olympic dream

Margarita Mamun and Amina Zaripova after the ribbon routine

Interview made by Elena Sobol for to Margarita Mamun during the moscow Grand Prix 2017, original article here.

The first time I saw Rita It was during Moscow Grand Prix 2013. Same place 4 years later, that’s where the interview took place, Mamun is here to cheer for her friends. I really wanted to make this interview as special as she is, to be able to describe her mixture of Bengali and Russian blood, her tenderness and passion, modesty and charm, kindness and light, and most importantly her genuine sincerity. But the first question, of course, was about her future plans for the new Olympic cycle. Continue reading Margarita Mamun, the Olympic dream

“You are already old in 22” Melitina Staniouta advise men not to dream about gymnasts

Melitina Stanoiuta (BLR)
Melitina Stanoiuta (BLR)

The original article was written by Nikita Melkozerov  for find it here.

Melitina Staniouta flexible and charming is the most successful rhythmic gymnast of team Belarus, and she will soon represents her country at Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Melita trains eight hours par day, and in the meanwhile she’s taking classes at the university, she acted in commercials, she loves reading books, from Harry Potter to Erich Maria Remarque, and she likes to go to the theater, place which made famous her great-grandmother Stephanie actress of the USSR . Continue reading “You are already old in 22” Melitina Staniouta advise men not to dream about gymnasts

Interview with Yana Kudryavtseva, Pesaro 2014

Yana Kudryavtseva (RUS)

Interview with Yana Kudryavtseva, the youngest world champion of rhythmic gymnastics. Original article was written in italian by Darina Yarish of, many thanks to her!  Here the link, of the interview made at Pesaro World Cup.

Hi Yana, lately in Italy you’re very popular. So I wanted to write an article about you and tell your story, specially to let know to the young girls something more about their idol. Continue reading Interview with Yana Kudryavtseva, Pesaro 2014

A tribute: Italian Golden Butterflies


“We had a dream, we put our souls inside it. Passion. Devotion. Energy. Heart. They say the flap of a butterfly’s wing can lead to a hurricane half way around the world.”
With this phrase everything finished at PalaDesio few months ago during the Serie A event.  The chase to their rhythmic dream brought them (the italian team) to won 3 consecutive All Around world titles and one bronze at the olympic final the next year in London. Continue reading A tribute: Italian Golden Butterflies

The New “Dancing” COP

A new cycle is just started from few weeks with a renewed COP which had already his lovers/haters. But even If the introduction of dance steps and music cuts with words, seemed to bring a negative change in our sport, from the first routines we can see that It brought many original elements and stressed the artistic parts of the choreographies. Continue reading The New “Dancing” COP