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Starting 2015: Moscow Grand Prix and Valentine’s Cup


Moscow Grand Prix and Valentine’s Cup. The new Grand Prix’s circuit started this weekend in Russia, hosting again another major event after the Gala for the 80 years of russian rhythmic gymnastics (last weekend in St. Petersburg). Despite world Champions Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun, many other stars including Melitina Staniouta, Neta Rivkin, bulgarian and russian groups. Continue reading Starting 2015: Moscow Grand Prix and Valentine’s Cup

Lisbon World Cup 2014

Lisbon World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2014

Triumph of Son Yeon Jae (KOR) at Lisbon World Cup. She was the first korean gymnast to won a World Cup All Around, by more than 3 points on Melitina Staniouta (BLR). Korean star shone also during event finals, claiming 3 gold medals (ball, clubs and ribbon). Bronze medal Dina Averina (RUS) at her first World Cup. Complete results from groups and individuals here. Continue reading Lisbon World Cup 2014

02 March: Moscow Finals

st5Margarita Mamun confirmed her dominance from qualifications and got 3 golds and 1 silver medal. With a new program, she’s ready to let us forget about the 6th place gained at the last world Championship. Good exploit also for Maria Titova gold with ribbon on Swan Lake’s music and silver with ball, despite some mistakes. And for Yana Kudryavtseva 2 silver medals. Korean Son Yeon Jae was the best non russian with 3 bronze medals. While Staniouta got bronze only with ball. Continue reading 02 March: Moscow Finals