After the Olympics

A month after the Olympics It’s time for many gymnasts to say goodbye to the carpet, and to left their place in the national teams to the young hopes of our beloved sport.

Aliya Garaeva, Joanna Mitrosz and Delphine Ledoux leave rhythmic gymnastics after an incredible career. Liubov Charkashyna will compete at Aeon Cup and at italian Serie A for Nervianese, but she already confirmed that she will retire after the end of the season.
Also in groups there will be many changes: Ulyana Donskova and Karolina Sevastyanova finish their career in russian team. Donskova after 4 years of presence in the senior group and 1 european title won as junior. Sevastyanova after 2 olympic titles won in junior and senior group. For Italy Elisa Blanchi, Elisa Santoni and Romina Laurito stopped after 3 world titles and 1 silver and 1 bronze both won at the Olympics.

On the other side there are many gymnasts ready to replace their older teammates. Let’s see the most promising juniors that will be senior the next year:

Yana Kudryavtseva (RUS), Ekaterina Galkina (BLR)

But there are also many other juniors.. So with the change of the group’s apparatus (10 clubs and 3 balls + 2 ribbons), and the many changes in the COP (the most discussed is to allow one of the 4 musics with words), prepare yourself to be surprised one more time by our beloved sport!