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Anita Sericano is a simple girl who loves art, photography, studying languages and travelling all around the world. But above all is a crazy, devoted fan of 
Rhythmic Gymnastics, since Beijing Olympics 2008.

The Knotted ribbon was born in 2011 after another blog experiment. And It’s a mix between the material I collect (photographies, videos, autographs) and create (drawings and digital designs). But mainly you’ll find the last news about the international competitions, events and gymnasts. So If like me you are a 100% addicted to this sport, be sure to follow me here and on facebook to stay tuned for the latest news of our beloved sport!

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4 pensieri su “About”

  1. I am the developer of an agent that inviting international performers to Taiwan.

    Do any of your rhythmic gymnastics have interest to perform in Taiwan?

    Currently one of my client needs performers in August this year.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi, well I haven’t an agency I’m just a blogger for fun, If you need gymnasts you should write to various federation. What kind of competition is (Tournament, Grand Prix, etc..)?
      Thanks anyways for your comment!
      Best regards

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