A new adventure: italian Serie A 2012!

Serie A started the 20th October in Biella with many of the top gymnasts that two months ago fighted for the olympic medal and who spawned a different kind competition.

Italian Serie A is not a World Cup or a Grand Prix is something more little If you compares to this kind of competitions with It’s own rules, but It never disappoint you. After a long an difficult season specially after the Olympics. It’s interesting to see the many talented gymnasts from all the italian clubs that are out from the international competition.¬†And also is interesting to see the top gymnasts performing just for themselves and to pleasure the audience. Charkashyna, Garaeva, Miteva and Maksymenko (just to tell some names) with very clean executions and great charisma stunned public of the Palasport in Biella.

Another pleasant surprise was to find the gymnasts: Andreea Stefanescu and Viktoria Mazur competing as individuals with two beautiful ball routines. Despite their work as members of their country’s groups they were very beautiful also as individuals.

The competition for team was lead by Armonia D’Abruzzo (157,075) that has a very strong team, specially I was impressed by Chiara Di Battista’s clubs routine (26,100). In second place another wonderful team: San Giorgio Desio 79 (155,300) with gymnasts like Giulia Pala and Veronica Bertolini. And in 3rd position one of my favorite teams: Virtus Gallarate which has some of the most elegant italian gymnasts, like Alessia Marchetto and Greta Merlo and which presented as foreign gymnast and extraordinary Alina Maksymenko.

Here all the results from A1 and A2 many thanks to FGI’s site! Soon I’ll upload all the videos, few more photos (from the training) and the autographs I got, stay tuned!

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