4th International Trophy Barcelona

Natalia Garcia (ESP) at the Barcelona International Tournament. Photo by Thomas T.

In the wonderful city of Barcelona, the 4th International Trophy, one week after the European Championships, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Barcelona Olympic Games, where Carolina Pascual from Spain won the silver medal.

According to the rules of this Trophy, the all around scores are also used to determine the event finals results.

Natalia Garcia won the all around competition with 70.700. With a 0.3 points gap, the silver went to Neviana Vladinova, who won the ribbon final with 18.500. Victoria Veinberger Filanosvky completed the all around podium with 68.900 and was second with ribbon.

Irina Annenkova won the finals with hoop and ball but due to several mistakes with clubs, she was only 5th in the all around. Karina Kuznetsova was gold madalist with clubs and 6th in the all around. Belorussian Katsiaryna Halkina was 4th in the all around and won the bronze medal with hoop.

Complete results from the All Around and Event Finals. Videos from the competition in TheLegendofNeshka’s channel¬†and TV coverage.

Olena Dyachenko (UKR) at the Barcelona International Trophy. Photo by Tomas T.