33rd European Championship: 1st day, Russia in the lead

Aleksandra Soldatova, Dina and Arina Averina are today’s leader together with the junior group. Followed by Belorussian Alina Harnasko and Katsiaryna Halkina. Third place for Israel team with Linoy Ashram and Victoria Filanovsky.

Confident start for Aleksandra Soldatova two scores over the 18.000, and Alina Harnasko who obtained 18.400 with ball, her first apparatus and 17.250 with hoop. Very good competition for Israeli Linoy Ashram as well 2nd with hoop and 5th with ball. Katsiaryna Halkina as well is back in great shape ready to fight for some medals.

Arina Averina obtains the highest score of the day 18.950 with ball, while Dina qualified in the 4th place in the hoop final.

Standings from the first day Russian team in the lead with 90.825. Belarus second with 86.900. While Israel 84.700 and Bulgaria 84.300 are very close fighting for the team bronze medal.

Complete results here. Don’t miss tomorrow’s qualification day to see who will be the next European medalists! Watch it here with my live commentary! Starting list.