28 Feb: Moscow Grand Prix 2014

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The season 2014 officially started with the Grand Prix in Moscow. One of the most important events of the year, qualificative for the Youth Olympic Games. But also the first international competition for the russian Champions Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun, and for the korean star Yeon Jae Son.

During the first day, juniors competed trying to get one of the 7 olympic tickets for individuals and the one for groups to Nanjing (YOG). Russia’s Group took the first place with 32.383, while Bulgaria missed the olympic spot for only 0.267 points.

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Yulia Bravikova (RUS) won the individual competition ahead her teammate Veronika Polyakova. On the third step of the podium belarusian Marina Trubach.

Complete results for groups and individuals here.
Tomorrow don’t miss the live streaming for the senior individuals and groups competition here. Thanks to MediaArt!